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If a 10 year old human has the intellect and wisdom to have sex, then y not? It is very shallow to assume that a child cannot be more mature than an adult in a distant future , human children wud hav surpassed current mans' intellect so to label underage sex as an impossibility is an insult to human abilities if dogs learnt to talk in the future, then that too wud be perfectly viable
Pedophile are unfairly stigmatized and demonized by society and i believe they deserve to be treat equally and fairly.Many Research has proven evidence that pedophile is a sexual orientation just the same manner as homo and heterosexual.People who have pedophilic tendencies inherit it since from birth and they are born in that way they are.It is unlikely to other sub type of mental disorder which has not been conceived from birth.And children aren't always incapable of given of to sex.By saying children can never reach the same intelligent level of an adult is an absolutely an insult and ignorant point of view. I know myself good enough,i perfectly understand what sex is and are able to judge the consequence of having sex as well as making rational decision. So long as relationship is consensual and adult can make the child feel happy and comfortable, i don't really seen the relationship as abusive.



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