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This acceptance of female “pastors” comes straight from Marxist ideology and denies Natural Law theory which presupposes a Supreme Being because Marxism hates the concept of God-given rights....they want to be gods and design how woman and men should be....and act and, of course, determine what they should think and how they should think.

They make “unnatural” normal...and people, denying their internal desires which are aligned with natural law (and St. Thomas A. aligned natural law with Christianity)....make them unhappy and addicted to all forms of activities to fill the “abyss” created by an empty soul....frantic to find happiness...but atheists never can. They end up like Freud—pessimists, who are angry at the pathetic condition of human beings on earth. They are miserable and they try to take everyone down with them to validate their pathetic being.

Female pastors....are women-haters....they hate how God designed their create life....and weaker than males and more intuned to decide by emotion, rather than intellect. Intellect is the only means to Wisdom and emotions can interfere with this process of reaching Truth. To elevate females to the role of pastor, it to confuse children’s sense of sexual make everything androgynous and create sexual confusion in the young so they have no clear role models....that is why Marxists want women in combat and on submarines, and they want men to be trained to go against their natural instincts and be trained and conditioned to kill women.....something which should be unnatural to the nature of man.

This ideology that undermines the Christian paradigm is to destroy Western Civilization because it was one which got rid of slavery because of Christian principles and they want to destroy the dignity and respect for they can eliminate whom they please, like they did in socialist Germany-—by destroying Christianity and the Bonhoeffer’s....This idea of abortion, homosexual marriage, to destroy the natural family and the culture of Western Civilization. The Cultural Marxists designed the methodologies in the 30’s and seeped these sick twisted ideas into the textbooks and media.

Everyone needs to understand ideas and where they originate....Marxism is evil and has to be ejected. It denies Natural Law....the best, most productive and flourishing concepts in human history and enshrined in our Constitution of the US.

Trying to say men and women are equal (not under the law) but biologically is stupid and the Big Lie.



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