Mitch #fundie

[this guy is a 'christian deist' LOL!]

You like playing the bullshit love card, haha. You’re so predictable ^.^. Okay so people of the same sex who LOVE each other. Yeah so Dad loves his son sooo much he wants to have anal sex with him. They get married and it’s super cool because of your awesome morals. Wow liek, this means that if a dog rears its butt up to me and starts showing his penis that since he’s horney he wants sex so I let my wife and my dog have it out and they both get off every time and the dog keeps coming back. It’s consensual and there’s a relationship there as well. Seriously, are you really going to try and make such a ridiculous argument that something as intangible as "LOVE" is all you’ve got? Come on. Set aside some of your estrogen to make way for some reason.

Pedophilia would require a minor to be involved. Father and son doesn’t mean they have to be minors. Dad is 65 and Son is 35. They’re definitely old enough to CONSENT. Watcha gonna do now Mrs Relativity? Deny them because you don’t like it? C’mon, it’s all about LOOOOVE. lmao



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