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[Re. Christian images on jack-o-lanterns]

I saw these photos below on Google and immediately I thought it didn’t look right. To me, it’s well-meaning Christians compromising with the world. However, if you love Jesus, you will want to be completely SEPARATE from the world, right? Okay, the carvings on the pumpkins attest to the Saviour… but Halloween is the Devil’s holiday. Why would Jesus Christ in ANY way be associated with the Devil, that is, UNEQUALLY YOKED with him, so that these people would create such things? I don’t like it. I doubt the Lord approves of it. I think, and this in only my opinion, that these folks are promoting filthy lucre, that is, they want to sell their product of pumpkin-carving templates. Think I’m being a wacko? Whatever, think what you want. But just look at it. It doesn’t look right. It doesn’t lift up the Saviour if it’s mingled with Satanism! It’s corrupted! The Devil destroys everything he touches! The Devil doesn’t want you saved and going to heaven! So how is this foolishness going to draw people to the Lord? That’s the in-thing with professed Christians today. Mingle the holy with the unholy, compromise before truth, salvation by faith PLUS WORKS. Let me tell you right now, God says, THAT STINKETH!!!

Look at the detail on these. THESE ARE PUMPKINS that will rot in a few days. Can you imagine the time spent and exhausting, meticulous carving on them? It’s mind blowing! I was shocked to see them! Why don’t these people spend their time, effort and God-given talent serving the Lord in other ways that are pleasing to Him? Try passing out Gospel tracts to the masses of people who bombard your door on HELLoween night!! They don’t want candy, they’re miserable and looking for the REAL DEAL!! They’re all bound for eternity in HELL, and all they see is a pumpkin with a “Jesus” face on it!! Do you honestly think that will change their life?? Candy is a front! Costumes are devilish!! “Haunted houses” are from the depths of HELL!! It’s all a big show, people!! GOD’S WORD saves souls, NOT artistry of ANY kind!! NOT pictures!! NOT music!! NOT candy!! STOP TURNING THE WORKS OF GOD INTO COMMERCIALISM!!! NOTHING of the world can save a soul from Hellfire. ONLY THE WORD OF GOD. Period.



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