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The problem is with liberals and progressives (which is what animates the US government right now) is their overall ignorance with regard to the true nature of Islam. They mistakenly view Islam as being no different fundamentally with Christianity, Buddhism, Judaism, etc. They ignore the history of Islam which has always been about dominating other nations and establishing Sharia law worldwide the goal is to make the world "Islam." The very word "Islam" means, "submission."

The Muslim definition of peace is when the world finally submits to Islam and Sharia law. Islam is not some benign religion where people do nothing but pray and read the Koran. ISIS is the true face of Islam. Al Qaeda is the true face of Islam. Islamic terrorists are the true face of Islam. They are following the footsteps of their leader, Mohammed who was a pedophile, a murderer and a psychopath. If Mohammed were alive today, he would look like the guys in ISIS. He would promote beheadings.

Beheadings are nothing new. That went on in Mohammeds day. If Mohammed were alive today, he would be a terrorist. The notion that the terrorists hi-jacked Islam is a naive, western, liberal fairtytale. The true Muslims are showing the historical face of Islam. And the true Muslims are the terrorists.

Therefore, Islam doesn't deserve equal protection under the law. Islam should be banned from American soil because it is a foreign government entity. The courts are wrong and they need to change their view of Islam and disctoninue viewing it as a religion.



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