Susan Burns #fundie

David: We have NEVER had freedom of religion where we have allowed the worship of other GODS in this nation. This nation was built on the JUDAEO-CHRISTIAN religious belief system and nothing else. Freedom of religion had to do with people who were CHRISTIANS being able to come here to worship as they pleased. It was NOT to promote the worship of FALSE GODS. Furthermore, we HAVE no separation of Church and State. The ONLY thing that was set in stone was the idea that the GOVERNMENT could not set up a particular denomination or tell the people they had to worship a particular way. THAT was NOT separation of church and state. There has NEVER been an effort to separate the church from the government until recently. This recent effort has NOTHING to do with the founders' intent or ANY of their papers they wrote at the time and is not found ANYWHERE on ANY of our founding documents. People should be allowed to set up Nativity Scenes on every corner of every neighborhood across this fruited plain if that's what they want to do. The PEOPLE are FREE to WORSHIP ANYWHERE, ANYTIME, and in ANY WAY they see fit as LONG as it is the GOD OF ABRAHAM, ISSAC, AND JACOB.



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