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[What to do if you're trapped in an evolution class]

There are some creationists who advise students to counter with “were you there?” but this is a bad idea. For one thing AiG (per above) does not practice this strategy with persons they are interested in attaining. They kept Jason Lisle’s beliefs a secret, publishing articles by him under a pseudonym until after he completed his degree.

Also, the fourth grade teacher knows the fifth and sixth grade teachers. If a young student (rebelliously?) challenges his or her teacher with “Were you there?” it could easily be answered: “No, and neither were you. So quiet down and listen to what the experts teach us.” Is it a good thing for Christian students to get bad science grades when they may actually be good at science? If the fourth, fifth, and sixth grade teachers decide to reward the “fittest” and to punish the “less fit” to survive, then a student who asks, “Were you there?” may never want to learn about real science in the future.



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