Martin Rizley #fundie

[emphasis added]

If judges and lawmakers in our land fail to respect the limits of legitimate government power, then we as free citizens of the U. S. must do the right thing by refusing to comply with government mandates that violate God-given rights. In that way, we remind our government by our actions, not just by our words, that it is not God, and that it loses its authority to compel obedience when it violates our rights with which we have been endowed by our Creator and which are secured to us by the highest law of the land-- the U.S. Constitution (particularly, the Bill of Rights and the ninth amendment concerning 'non-enumerated rights'). Government has no legitimate authority to pass laws that violate the superior claims of natural law or that seek to nullify natural law. That's why these 'gay marriage' laws are bogus-- for government has no right to compel citizens under threat of penalty to recognize and treat things as equal which nature teaches are unequal, nor to recognize and treat things as unequal which nature teaches are equal. Hitler tried to do that when he tried to get the German people to treat the Jews as 'unequal' to other citizens; he had no authority to do that, just as our government has no authority to compel us to treat homosexual unions as "equal" to heterosexual unions. Civil disobedience was required of freedom lovers then (under Hitler) and it is required of freedom lovers now (under Obama).



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