nomadbrah #fundie

I can't stand to read or watch responses from sheeple and on mass media. I see their stupid Boomer faces, their oh so concerned soft weak and old faces. Their entire lives having been spent trying to run away from all responsibility, their lives the easiest in any time of history and now they stand there having sold their children and grand children to tyranny, they stand there looking like old stupid sheep. And the young signaling women with their selfies and sad eyes behind perfect makeup and $200 haircuts. The weak effeminate males who never had a chance, psychologically castrated from birth. Their response measured, mature, they talk, the express emotions, like little good boys, like they've been told by countless short haired matrons from birth to adulthood. The cowardly politicians standing in first row and their clichees after having invited these savages inside.

It is too much to deal with, fuck this gay earth seriously, it's so surreal.



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