Martin Yirrell #fundie

(=Response to the Orlando Massacre=)

Jayne Ozanne: Please could flag at Lambeth be flown at half mast (like others are doing) in response to the Orlando massacre?

Martin Yirrell: Why? What's special about Orlando? Jesus' words apply "but unless you repent, you will all likewise perish"

Jayne Ozanne: The worst mass shooting of God's precious children in USA deserves respect & reflection - I am horrified by your post

Martin Yirrell: You are horrified by Jesus' words? And are they God's children? Isn't that the point?
That means that we should be careful how we judge and judge rightly. Homosexuality clearly results in condemnation.
Yes, God is in control, but how do we choose those who are to be elders if we do not judge. 1 Timothy 3.
Read it again, slowly and thoughtfully. You're wrong.



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