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Does it seem like the UK is getting closer to mass peak trans?

The Economist, the BBC, the Guardian, The Times, The Independent and even the (very silly) The Daily Mail have all been fairly consistently running pieces that range from "balanced" to out and out gender critical. Of course no outlet besides The Times is consistently GC, but that is basically every major respected news source in the UK.

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Further, I've noticed that trans people themselves in the UK seem to be running scared. I saw this post over on the transuk sub . And then there was this article by our good ol' buddy Paris Lees in the Guardian whining about "bullying" from the UK media (aka just stating facts about transgenderism). What I thought was most interesting about that article was that he didn't mention "TERFs" or "feminists" at all. Which is not what he usually does, he's usually going on and on about how much he hates them. I took that as an indication that he didn't want to spread the idea of "TERF"yness or gender criticism any further when commenting in a mainstream outlet since he realizes peak trans is coming and doesn't want any more members of the public to catch on to GC ideas.

Also, there has been at least a few raging threads on the UK subs of late about this, and possibly more (I haven't been keeping up with them lately). This is the most recent one that comes to mind. The mods were deleting many of the gender critical comments, but not all. Some were of course being heavily downvoted, but not all. Most of the recent threads have played out that way, from what I have seen.

I think that the Gender Recognition Act is going to force a public conversation on what transgenderism actually is and that that public conversation is going to (hopefully) push peak trans. Or rather: I hope that this will be the case.

What do you think? Is mass peak trans actually happening in the UK or am I being Pollyannish and grasping at straws? Do you know of other indicators of mass peak trans possibly brewing in the UK?



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