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Former Satanist: “I Performed Satanic Rituals Inside Abortion Clinics”

Former #Satanist, #ZacharyKing, says, there are #satanicRituals, the eating of babies, satanic dedications of all aborted babies, on regular basis.

He says doctors and nurses in #abortionclinics and #plannedparenthood, are usually Satanists.

This should be headline news, but you will not hear this anywhere on the #mainstreammedia.

Many female satanists admit to becoming "#breeders", where they get pregnant and never report it, and then sacrifice the baby by way of "skinning" to #Satan. (#ArizonaWilder)

Many breeders while pregnant will visit abortion centers to see which ones "really" promote abortion, or those who try to get them to give the baby up for adoption or keep the baby. The reason they do this is because THEY WANT TO FINANCIALLY SUPPORT THE "REAL" ABORTION CLINICS!

Satanists consider their "charity" as supporting and promoting abortion. (As learned from current #Detroit, #Michigan chapter #SatanicTemple member who was pregnant at the time but lied on the show, and was interviewed by Lisa Ling on her new show " #ThisisLife" on CNN)* Abortion is murder and it is a satanic ritual that evil thrives on! The death of children, the death of innocence, the death of civilization via willing & consenting genocide. (#Depopulation)

Abortion is forgivable! So if one wants to seek true forgiveness, seek God.

Yet Satanists who willingly do the work of the devil, will have a special place in the hell in which they've brought upon the Earth.

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