Petezzzz #fundie

Regarding an article stating that 1/3 of Russians believe that the Sun revolces around the Earth:

"It doesn't say the EARTH STOPPED SPINNING! Can you imagine what the oceans would have done were the earth to suddenly stop then restart? Can you say SLOSH? Get your theology straight people. I could care less what atheist science rambles on about, let God be true, but every man a liar - Romans 3:4

Why is Polaris always dead center up north if our axis is tilted? Where are the 1056 mph winds if the earth is spinning so fast??? Don't even start by telling me the spinning earth drags the atmosphere along with it, 'cause I don't buy it. I don't see any giant fan blades growing out of the ground to help out with this. If the earth was spinning that fast there should be F6 tornado speed winds, 24 hours a day, along the equator, F5 everywhere else. The weather was pretty nice where I live, today. Just a nice gently north western breese. Don't know about the ol' USA. I did hear things are a bit uncomfortable over there these days."



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