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Then you haven't been around evolutionists for as long as I have. Since they claim that humans are apes, they have to find some way of differentiating between humans and apes. So they call humans "human" apes and apes in the jungle "non-human apes." lol

They also do that because they know that apes can't breed human descendants. So their stock reply to why they can is ; "humans are apes" which I hear them do in every forum on which I debate evolution. They also claim that humans can breed little apes (which are human babies)Now you're contradicting that (which evolutionists always do since their theory is from the subjective imagination). So since evolutionists themselves are confused about what humans are because they make up their own reality, then of course, they'll forget their first statement that humans are apes. :lol:

And round and round in circles evolutionists go; contradicting every statement they make until they eventually contradict their own theory which they always end up doing...then deny that, of course. So they have no proof of evolution since they have no clue who the common ancestor was. So they really don't know where humans came from. ;-) But since evolution is the antithesis of the truth, evolutionists can't be honest about the fact that they don't know where humans came from. So each evolutionist makes up his own answer to that question and the circle of lies continues.



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