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[To some of us, the concept of eternally torturing people is evil.]

That eternal torment is for their benefit --- consider this:

Right now the Holy Spirit is here keeping evil at bay. Despite this fact, we've had our Neros and Stalins and Hitlers and Pol Pots, etc. People who have done unimaginable evil things to others.

Now picture Hell without the fire and brimstone: nice houses, quiet streets, beautiful gardens, lakes, and ponds. Plenty of fishing, hunting, hiking, whatever your heart's desire.

And best of all: no God - no Bible - not a Christian in sight! In fact, it's an Atheist's Paradise; with survival-of-the-fittest and natural selection a daily occurrence.

Now all of a sudden, Nero shows up, then Stalin, then Hitler, then Pol Pot. Can you even fathom how those men would turn your little paradise into a torture chamber for all eternity?

No --- God is not going to let that happen. You see, He made provisions for that --- even in Hell; because Nero and Stalin and Hitler and Pol Pot are going to be too busy with their own problems to be thinking of anyone else.

Me --- I'm taking the cool way out --- through Jesus Christ.



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