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Natural selection is the evolutionists way of saying nature did it, and not God. Creation is the believer saying God did it and not nature.

I often hear of evolutionists claiming it's not a religion. My question would be: Then why are most here fighting a religious belief, with what is claimed as pure science, not a belief or a religion?

Evolution should be able to stand on it's own merits and evidence without people coming into the creation ring. Which often makes me wonder if creation posing a bigger threat than what we are led to believe. Because if I were a evolutionist, and believed all that science claimed about it. I would not even worry about what is not even considered science, in the circles I hang around. But for some, it's an every night affair.

Example: As for me, I don't go looking in atheist forums for trouble. I don't even waste my time joining one. And I have received many invitations. So I don't because I know I have truth, and I know that everyone has a right to make a choice. I've made mine, and the atheist has made theirs. Funny thing is, if you want to debate an atheist, just put up a forum about creation. Or a website. Once they find you, they will spread your name all over the net to other atheists. Soon you'll have loads of traffic, and tons of hate mail. All for what reason? To defend what they call fact, and has no religious base? Against what is religion based?

Here again, it is looking like evolution is what it is not claimed to be. Why else would such a need be to attack God to defend it? It's like a biologist getting into an argument with an airplane mechanic. What would be the subject when both their fields of work are so different?



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