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Tribulation Eve

All households shall be required to adopt an undocumented immigrant family.
Criticism of Islam shall be punishable by fines and imprisonment.
The electoral college is hereby abolished.
ICE and Homeland Security is hereby abolished.
All citizens, including law enforcement, shall be disarmed.
Prisons are hereby abolilshed.
Conservatives are required to receive psychiatric counselling.
Corporate tax rate is raised to 60 percent.
Tickling is considered child abuse and inappropriate contact.
Children's story hours at pre-schools shall include transgender and Islamic story tellers.
[Twelve thousand others follow for today's session of the House. See them at the DNC website]



Schumer: Nance - the women's march was cancelled for being too white?
Pelosi: Come now, Chuck, the race card ALWAYS will outplay the woman card.


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