Armor #racist

– The Jews will say that an African soccer player is French and they may sue you if you object.

– They will hang giant plastic lobsters in the Louvre museum, next to the Mona Lisa, and claim it is legitimate art.

– They will fill the newspapers and the universities with Jewish gobbledygook and claim it belongs to the finest European intellectual tradition.

White people who cheer for non-White soccer teams are playing dumb. They want to support their team, but there isn’t any team representing them, so they make do with what they have. They pretend not to notice the racial aspect. Even so, everyone knows there is a race replacement problem in the country. However, people don’t realize that our intellectual, political, artistic and moral elites, have been replaced by Jewish interlopers and phony fakes working for them. That is because the Jews are partly European and do not look as foreign as Blacks, unfortunately.



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