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You might ask, well, what’s wrong with the world? What’s so wicked about it? One tiny word. SIN. We are all sinners by birth, and we continue living in sin unless we are saved by the precious, atoning blood of Christ Jesus shed on the Cross for us all. None of us know how long we are going to be alive. You can die just by crossing the street, or choking on your last meal. Even if God allows you to live until you are 100, you still CANNOT go to Heaven when you die if you are not born again by the almighty blood of Jesus Christ. If you are not saved by the time you die, you will most assuredly drop down into Hellfire, and there you will remain FOREVER. I am saying this in love.

This fact of going to Hell scared me when I was young and impressionable, and I thank God for it!! I knew nothing of the blood of Christ or its power to save except that we “drank” it when we went to Mass. Yet even then the priest never mentioned Hell, or sin, or anything like that. Looking back, I don’t ever remember using a Bible at church! Even the songs were light-years different from the old time hymns of the faith. There was no such thing as the preaching of the Word of God nor a relationship with the Saviour, only catechisms and confessions, Mary-olatry, icons, rosaries, repetitive prayer books, stained glass windows and crucifixes. There is no power in them at all, only scare tactics.



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