Tim Morris #fundie accordingtohoyt.com

I am Spartacus because politicians can flaunt their infidelity and lack of morals and be accepted as long as they are the right political flavor.

I am Spartacus because those who express true *moral* outrage are laughed at by those with no morals.

I am Spartacus because people with no morals fake moral outrage at those who *do* exhibit morals.

I am Spartacus because people with no morals speak of forcing Christian churches to capitulate and “get with the times” while rolling over and capitulating to the most violent, immoral, degenerate false religion on the face of the Earth.

I am Spartacus because liberal continue to poke the bear, then run crying when the bear growls at them.

I am Spartacus because those who stand *against* freedom do not realize that it is precisely because we stand *for* freedom that keeps us from doing all of the imagined wrongs that they accuse us of doing.

I am Spartacus.

I am also Captain Parker at Lexington Green: “If they mean to have a war, let it begin here.”



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