Germanicus #sexist

["Girl Quotes Translated to English"]

"I'm not like other girls"

= I'm so self-centered I don't notice that I'm exactly like other girls.

"I hate guys who are assholes"

= My pussy gets soaking wet for badboys but I'm not good enough out of bed for one to keep me around so my ego hates it when they next me.

"I won't do X" (X = blowjobs, anal, threesomes, whatever sexual excitement etc)

= I won't do X...with you. I like/love X but you don't turn me on enough to give it to you.

"Well behaved women rarely make history"*

= 1. I'm a cunt and this excuses my childish, rude, selfish behavior perfectly.

2. I'm ambitious and have high T levels. I do a lot of male hobbies half-assed and think I'm the best in everything. I do crossfit/weightlifting so that pretty much makes me an Olympic athlete. And I've sport fucked most of the alpha guys I've met at these hobbies.

* Women rarely make history period. There's nothing more than a token amount of accomplished women throughout all areas of human endeavor.

"I'm a country girl"

= I like getting fucked by douchebags who drive pickups and listen to country music.

"I'm a city girl"

= I like getting fucked by well-dressed guys with money. I'll suck his dick while he drives his high end BMW while EDM blasts on the stereo. I'll be pissed off when he drops me for better.

"I'm a hipster chick"

= I'm half a lesbian. For some ungodly reason I'll fuck women with penises (hipster males). Maybe because they're weak-willed and easily controllable. When I get fat I'll still be pretty because beauty comes in all sizes.

"You're such an asshole"

= You're turning me on and my hamster hates me for it.



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