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"If They Could Talk"


Baby (thinking): QUICK - Is this Virginia, or New York?
Voice: Welcome to South Carolina, little one!
Baby (thinking): Thank the Almighty!!

Mick Williams:
He didn't dodge it by much. Virginia and North Carolina have fallen to the left. Three main reasons:
1) The MIA church
2) The communist media, which gave zero coverage to the Northam scandal. Locally, the media bent over backwards to portray it as a smear campaign.
3) Voter apathy, which elected Northam.

Texas Cowboy:
Great "cartoon." What a horrible thing abortion is.

The babe made it out of the womb in one piece but it‘s not out of the woods yet. Now the gender has to be decided...boy — girl —both — neither ?

Mick Williams:
He's probably just south enough to escape that nonsense.



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