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In Nashville no one with an axe or anything else attacked anyone at a shopping center, mall, or theatre. This is a fake, just like all the others.

Why in the world are these men wearing gas masks while out-doors while entering the mall entrance. There is no need for these masks to any degree.

Regardless, the long-guns tell the story in full. There is no reason for such guns to be thee in abundance unless it is a fake, not for a mere axe attack with pepper spray:

Everyone can tell it’s a police drill, there being the ATF, FBI, State and Local Police, Fire, and more on the scene.

Clearly, this is staged. Will anyone even possibly attempt to defend this as a real event, claim it as absolutely true, just as they did with the Lafayette, LA, arch-shooting hoax?

NOTE: Where is the blood on the edge of the axe that would be expected from impaling it into a man’s shoulder? Regardless, why would a man wielding a mere axe and a pellet gun be shot dead? Surely, there were other means to restrain him besides this. Yet, incredibly, in the epitome of inanity it is said that there was a “shoot-out lasting up to three minutes.” Really, a shoot-out there was with a man bearing a mere pellet gun? A shoot-out implies shooting from both parties.



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