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I went to a Barnes & Noble to look at religious books and was sickened to find hundreds of books on witchcraft. I wasn't looking for them, I just ran across them. They were next to the religious section. I distinctly remember a "Witchcraft Kit for Teens." It boasted to include "everything necessary" to empower a teen to cast their first spell. How sad! The devil is really working overtime for our young people's souls. In the next book isle I found a book on the "rapture." Again, I was saddened as I looked up and realized that I was in the "Religious Fiction" section. How sad that so few people genuinely believe the Bible anymore. Our society has become too big for it's own britches, too educated to believe in Biblical fairy tales, too logical to believe in abstract and illogical concepts. The Bible must be accepted by faith! This is true of evolution as well. Friend, there is not one shred of proof of evolution! It is a mere theory wickedly accepted by Christ-rejecters as a fact. Yet, the Bible stands true, never to be disproved. There is much evidence against evolution. Satan has duped the multitudes.



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