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I would roughly estimate that 85% of all in the legal profession are godless people who don't read the Bible, who laugh at it. I think I am rather safe with this figure of 85%. They only show up at churches on the rarest of occasions for some marriages, an occasional christening, or a funeral. And this is only for show, for keeping up appearances and making sure not to lose any potential ground in the climbing the greasy pole of societal status.

They have no moral foundation.

They don't understand this simplest of facts of the life we are given: No God = you have made yourself god.

All that matters is their six figure salaries, bonuses, what they drive, financial portfolios, what vacation property they own, career progression, who they knife in the back to get ahead, and who they can destroy through the power of the law.

The "Fruits of the Spirit?" They probably think that a term that organic gardeners use.

I have nothing but disdain for our legal professions, the law schools who produce them, and the faculty that is scum at these law schools.

I trust no lawyer.

Just as I trust no man who cannot produce, build, grow, repair with his own hands.



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