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Is it just me or

does it seem like less attractive women are more like to identify as queer or non-gender conforming? I have unattractive female friends that have mysteriously come out of the closet as queer/agender but spent their formative years pre-rejected from any form of attention from men and now they identify as proudly queer. But I just don’t see for all of them for some reason

Idk maybe i’m just prejudiced

Not a coincidence. It's common for people to try and switch sides once they reach a certain level of desperation. I've read some reddit stories of guys getting blow jobs from gay men just so they could get some action, of which they subsequently did not enjoy.

I feel like for some people it can also be a defense mechanism thing. Like someone unattractive marketing themselves as asexual, it's like "you can't reject me because I'm not interested in you anyway."

Obviously there are legitimate queer and asexual people but I wouldn't be surprised if some people were touting those labels for their own ulterior motives.



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