Article "Australian women" #fundie

Australian girls are becoming American girls alas with a different accent.

Thanks to SJW's and other faggot types who continually push the gender agenda, these Australian Girls believe that they are so fucking special. These women tend to be heavily masculinised and steeped in feminism, especially the ones who live in the country's two biggest cities, Melbourne and Sydney. Due to the country's climate, their skin tends to age earlier than that of other Western women.

However, any discussion of Australian Girls should also mention the fact that whilst we can judge them as a whole, perhaps we also need to identify the significant multicultural element that makes for a significant difference dependent upon which cultural group you may approach.

Whilst the natural citizens and European heritage females may well fit the description discussed on ROK as sluts, lazy and obnoxious little moles, we must also be aware of some of the outlier groups with a far stronger and more appealing value set. Girls from the sub continent, parts of Asia or the eastern bloc may well be considered a diamond in the rough for a lucky man.

Some women of immigrant background can also be assimilated into the Western cultural Borg, therefore ending up like your average Australian or other Western woman, but with an accent from their country of origin.



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