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Not in the least. Anyone who has read Genesis knows that man was created to be like God. That means Adam had all of the knowledge of God. Ancient man was a race of super geniouses. If you look at ancient Sumerian (the first archeologically known civilization) tablets, you will see maps of the solar system, accurate descriptions of planets we just visited in this last century, pictures of rocketships, accurate depictions of men in space suits and much more. There is even evidence that a ship of some kind had a collision many thousands of years in the past with one of the moons, and that is what caused it to go in a reverse orbit. Man was in space LONG before NASA. However, the bible also calls Satan the prince of the power of the air, so man is not the only thing that has been in space. Demons are also there. So, I don't see how believing the bible would be a problem for Christianity, no.



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