Golden Dawn is on the Rise - Thank the Lord #racist

Greece is runned and ruined by Zionist Pro American/Germanic Mason scums. But the Ultra Greek Nationalists Golden Dawn (Chrisi Avyi) is on the rise in Greece, and they will exterminate these scums, as well as deport ALL Foreigners out of Greece. All the Jews, American and EU Zionists Goverments including the Catholic Church are fearing the rise of Golden Dawn. Greece has over 2 million Pakis, Albos, Iraqis, when Golden Dawn gets into power very soon, the 2 million refugees and all NON Greeks will be deported through out EU and US. I would like to the Germans faces when they will recieve 2 million muslims into their catholic zionist nation.

Golden Dawn will eradicate Jews, Catholics, Protestant Sunnis and other non Greek religions out of Greece. Also Golden Dawn want Greece out of EU and NATO and develop strong Cultural, religious and military ties with our Russian Orthodox Christian Brothers and deploy Russian nukes on Greek Territory and point them at ALL EU Zionsist scum nations. Long Live Golden Dawn - Death to ALL Catholics, Luitherian, Protestan, Jews, Sunni Moslem, Anglo/American animals.



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