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I have now come to the conclusion that ZOG has well and truly done its work in mentally conditioning the English people into not only accepting but embracing its fate-biological extinction via mass immigration and race-mixing.

Those of us who do not embrace our racial and cultural destruction out of love for our race and folk are defined in Orwellian terms as haters. It is rare for a people to not only allow their land to be invaded by aliens-and aliens of the most racially diverse kind without fighting to resist and repel them but the English are either oblivious to what has happened or in all honesty do not care so long as they can afford their football match tickets,their alcohol and foreign holidays.
This makes the English people not worth saving as a collective organic body for a people who will not struggle for life deserves to perish. This is a cast iron law of nature.

The recent return of extreme weather with storms and flooding in England and the rest of the British Isles is a telling signal that the Gods are displeased as well.


This is the final outworking of England`s race treason and rejection of Adolf Hitler and the destruction of the Germanic fatherland.



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