IceIceKitty #sexist

Fuck I'm on mobile and my post deleted. Anyway, the difference is very important because it's the difference between who the movement is for and who it isn't for. Feminism is for females, the black panthers arenfor black people, and so on. If men are allowed to take any degree of control they will inevitably ruin it. If white people were leaders or organizers they would ruin black panthers too.

Seen so called feminist men freak out way too many times to give them any benefit of the doubt. Any activists knows the people who are being affected most have to be the people with the most voice and control. Allies are important to give support and visibility. Look at how straights are ruining LGBT by claiming queerness and kink and bdsm are part of the umbrella. LGBT isn't for gays anymore because straights ruined it.



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