Brother Nathanael Kapner #racist

Jews are obnoxious creatures and become even more so with their insistence that their security is sacrosanct. It is not. Jews enjoy security, safety, and high standards of living throughout the Diaspora yet they constantly whine about “Antisemitism” and have even created special government bureaucracies in America and Europe addressing it.

Jews pose as the eternal victim while driving Cadillacs, living in gated communities, and stealing other people’s lands claiming “God gave it to them” while they don’t even believe in God.

We have to begin by addressing the problems in our domestic and foreign affairs by blaming the culprits: JEWS. I do just that and am struggling more than ever to get a hearing. Why? Because Jews decide who gets heard and who gets censored, what gets said and what gets silenced. Who said, “Jews are our misfortune?” It was said in the 1800s, and now I say it loud and clear: JEWS ARE OUR MISFORTUNE. I despise these people and they must be stopped.



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