Franklin Ryckaert #racist

It is surely true that the different races or sub-races of man have different psychologies and that this shows also in the way they move their bodies.
Jews and Mediterraneans,for example, “speak with their hands”.Have you ever noticed how Negroes speak?They use not only their hands and arms but virtually their whole bodies:legs,hips,trunk – they almost seem to be dancing.They need at least several cubic meters space to “speak”. And then those exaggerated grimaces on their face and the loud shouting or even roaring when they want to bring their point home!Even Black intellectuals speak that way.If you look at old recordings of speeches of Dr.Martin Luther King you see exactly the same.And now I am not even talking about the way they conduct their Church services!Compare the service in a Protestant Church of White men with that of an – equally “Protestant” – Church of Blacks.The difference is immediately visible.It looks more like an African tribal event.
It is not only in the way of talking that the races differ,even in such simple acts as walking they differ.Whenever I take a walk in a park and I see a man from behind walking in a peculiar way and I guess that he might be a Negro, it always proves to be right when I overtake him.They have a typical way of walking which looks like – say that of Big Foot.Big Foot is an ape-like humanoid supposedly living in the Pacific North West of the US.There exists footage of this creature in which he is seen walking while his arms make curious swinging movements.Negroes have this “Big Foot”- way of walking.

I think that if you would collect a group of persons of different races ,dress them all up,cover their hands with gloves and their faces with masks and let them perform one by one a series of elementary movements on stage,it would be possible – even for an uninitiated public – to guess their race correctly.
That these motoric differences are not cultural but racial,is proven by the fact that even babies of different races behave differently.Whether the Marxist egalitarians like it or not, we are all different and that is no “social construct”.Isn’t it about time to “celebrate diversity” even in science?



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