USA629 #fundie

["Racists have a right to assembly. And they reserved the space first, so first-come first-serve, early bird gets the worm, etc. Sometimes things that are unfair are also perfectly fair."]

I don’t think racists should have any rights, and it is just white privilege to continue to argue that the First Amendment protects hate speech.

["Well I think that racists should have all sorts of rights. Pretty much all of them. If they want to assemble together to make hate speech, it’s everyone else’s right not to attend. None of us have to hear them. But of course they can gather together, of course that is protected by the Constitution."]

And your white privilege reeks throughout the entire country. The Constitution was written by white men to allow slavery and count people of color as 3/5 of a person. If that “original understanding” is what you stand by, then you reek of white privilege every bit as Dylann Roof.



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