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For several years now, the government has been shipping its pet niggers up to my still largely human suburb of Chicago. Of course, even a small concentration of niggers brings formerly unfamiliar forrms of oogah-boogah behavior in its wake.

Because I no longer do enough printing to own a printer, every once in a while I use the library computers to handle my printing needs. So there I was, at a library computer printing off a flash drive, when Shaniqua Q. Nigger shuffles up to the reference desk. Why was the nigger upset? Because someone at the circulation desk actually refused to issue the nigger a library card without an ID. The nigger flapped its flubber lips without ceasing for at least five minutes. What follows is a transcription from memory.

"Is you da supavisah? [nigger thought she was talking to the director] Dey insulting me! Ah gots a house and a job! Why dey disrespekkin me 'n' sheeit?" And on and on. I don't think those poor librarians got through the nigger's thick, apelike head, as it ooked off to look for someone else to screech at.

When I got my card some years ago, all it took was presenting a driver's license. But of course that's a tough, degrading ordeal for Shaniqua. Who knows why the nigger couldn't comply? In any case, it was nice to see some probably liberal humans exposed to TNB. Wonder what they told their families later.



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