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[wanted to share my first run in with creationism on quora]

Original question:“What will happen if I could falsify the Theory of Evolution and replace ToE?„

Answer by Thraxas:
Well you would get a Nobel prize.

But not sure o get you down but the ToE is The best researched Theorie in all of scientific history, with the most evidence for it, even more so than the Theory of friggin gravity.

So you first had to discover something that fundamentally changes our perception of biology, chemistry or physics. But good luck

Comment by Philipp Cole:

Absolute nonsense. There is absolutely no observed evidence to support evolution. Evolution is just the science fiction writings of men.

Gravity has observed evidence.

Comment by Thraxas:

Erm no just no. While there is indeed observable evidence for gravitation it isn’t letting your pen Fall that could also proof intelligent falling:

[Link to the rational wiki Site about intelligente falling, the thumbnail is the pictured of jesus holding the Universe]

It is actually a lot more easy to get evidence. I actually read some papers about it and also you should know a common actual example which is COVID 19 and it’s mutants.

I also don’t see what you nuts get out of it claiming that there is no evidence for evolution, it’s easily verifiable, like you could actual do it. Also it’s just a Natural process not even directly contradicting your favorite fairy tail unlike a heliocentric Model or the fact that the world is round.

Comment by Philipp Cole

Regardless of how many times you make the false claim, there is still absolutely no evidence to support evolution.

LOL, the Covid variants are due to reproduction and genetics NOT evolution.

FYI, it is true that Jesus holds the universe together. Jesus created it and He could easily destroy it.