NicholasMarks #fundie

Though I continue to maintain that earthquakes are dramatically on the increase, in diverse place, it is wise to understand what constitutes an earthquake. Bombs make the earth quake...volcanoes...sinkholes...even the sun creates earthquakes. There are constant rumblings around the world, especially in US, highlighted by tremors under the ground, shaking houses...but what would certainly contribute to all of this would be rogue, planetary systems, gravitationally pulling on, and underneath, the Earth's tectonic plates, and as this appears to be happening right now, we can expect many more earthquakes, with devastating consequences. This might be, just might be, why there have been secret and reinforced, underground facilities springing up all around the world and why they are being kept secret, and why amateur observers are required to bring it all to your attention.

Not to worry, all these things must happen before that Great Earthquake which will signal the deathblow for all those listed in Revelation 21:8 (666)...but don't be surprised if the part of them that is indestructible, their unholy spirit, is dragged into the fiery lake of sulphur, for evermore, when it could have endured for all eternity, here on planet Earth, with a new universal science and freedom from all evil...but you have to be in it to win it...That means, following Jesus Christ accurately.



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