ManicDipshit #sexist

You can’t ever unsee this stuff in real life

Once you actually learn what makes a face attractive, when you learn the anatomy and you can be very specific in describing what it is that makes someone looks attractive or unattractive, and then you understand the social implications of having an attractive face, you cannot fucking unsee this.

I think that’s why normies have such a hard time understanding what we’re saying, because they have this really vague sense of what an attractive face is (it’s always something about a “symmetric face” or “pretty eyes”) they can never really describe it. They think we’re weird for saying that women care about a man’s ramus, that because women never mention these things by name they must not care about them, but the reality is that women don’t know how to properly articulate what it is they’re attracted to. The confidence = long jawline is a meme on here because it’s true, and women don’t know they’re doing it.

When you understand what makes a male face attractive, you suddenly have much more predictive power in real life situations. I say this as unpretentiously as possible, but it’s like when you learn physics the first time, you really do see things in a very different way. And it’s testable in a very similar way, you can conduct these experiments in your head and then see how things play out, you can look at a guy in the gym and predict that women will pay more attention to him than anyone else, and then you see it happen in real time.

Normies who jerk each other off for fake internet points are so pigshit ignorant it’s actually disgusting. Again, I don’t like being pretentious about this but they literally cannot fucking see what we’re seeing because their brains are so fucking closed off to anything that makes them feel uncomfortable they will just laugh at you.

You can put our competing theories to the test by the way, we can take the same guy who gets no matches on dating apps and the normies can give him the most epic r/Tinder personality makeover imaginable, and we’ll give him a photoshop makeover with our knowledge of “incel terms” like canthal tilt and we’ll see who gets the guy a higher match rate.



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