amerigal1 #fundie

It's not our products or materials that make America great. I'm not throwing in the towel with those who have made a choice to disown their heritage and have chosen to forget the ideals that make up the great country we live in. hussein obama is hitler, a disaster, a toxic substance dredged up from the pits of hell made to look like every grifter's, revenge artist's and loser's savior and friend. America didn't forget itself----hussein obama spoke to the basest, most self centered desires of human beings. He plays and dotes on corrupting all that is good and decent. Those who chose him and chose to cheat for him have their reward. Most Americans are still good people who love this country. I don't believe that we are "done" or have forgotten who we are. I just don't buy it. And I don't buy the last "And it did." I've become very suspect of posters who at the end of their diatribe seem to be saying, It's all over, Give up!" Perhaps that's not what you intended, but it seems that way to me.



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