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Re: Tried to make a chatroom with 50 incels and 50 IncelTears users

Turns out the IT cucks go silent when directly confronted with the people they make fun of.

It's only at their safe safespace where they can shit on us. Most of them are beta Simps we would label incel

I have to redo it because all the IT cucks left. Maybe I'll give them a bigger advantage next time, like 70-30

You could literally make it 99-1 and we would still win.

Our message and argument itself is infallible, founded and backed by psychology, anthropology, and dozens upon dozens of empirical studies and objective research. I have never seen A SINGLE SOURCE provided in any of IT's arguments.

The only change IT would have at "winning" the argument is by playing jester game and laughing it off after they're losing then just try to make it seem like they weren't being serious with us anyways, call us pathetic losers, then leave with their heads held high in post-victory spirit.

They're severely delusional. I remember when they had a discord for a while. I went in with a brand new discord account and just started talking and never brought up or sided with anyone in discussion. I literally just stated my circumstances and said that I wanted advice or help to get out of the hole I was in and I was actually really desperate for someone to help me because I didn't want to be considered an incel but I felt like I was being forced.

Now, in any objective sense, if IT was actually the "good guys" they would have plenty of advice to give to me and to help me make amends with my situation. Instead, they just ignored my questions and eventually said that any incel asking for help or advice is just trolling. I got banned for literally asking for help and saying that I didn't want to be considered an incel, and explained my situation. They blamed me for my own circumstances and then banned me from their server.

Great job IT, you really saved me and helped me to see the light.

Too bad, because if you guys were actually correct, and your opinions of beliefs were founded or reinforced by any morsel of reality, you would be able to easily come in here and shut us down when we bring stuff up. Instead, people just laugh at us and name-call us, because they don't really have anything intelligent or well-thought-out to refute our claims.

It's actually laughable.

If you sat someone down and laid out the IT vs Braincels issue, but disguised it with something like racism, and compared the two subs to similar positions, everyone would think that IT was an evil subreddit filled with hatred and calls to violence, bullying, and harassment. They would be laughed at and called low IQ by everyone. Their arguments are literally that of an elementary school child that has trouble holding onto reality and that thinks they're smarter than everyone else just because they're classmates giggle and laugh when they make a snide remark.



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