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Quebec City Mosque Attack is a Fake and a Hoax

What a treacherous arch-fake it is. First it was a white man, then it is a Muslim shouting “Allahu Akbar.” Can’t the Zionist criminal elements make up their mind on this? All they seek to do is create confusion and chaos, and this is merely another example of this. They initiated these hoaxes through the Zionist strip and they added much insult to injury through the US taxpayer-funded crime syndicate, the DHS. Regardless, clearly, the multiplicity of stories and the constant changing of those stories is proof of a falsified act, that is proof that this is rather than a real event merely a staged hoax.

Then, according to a purported eyewitness there were “two people, they were masked, and they shouted, ‘Allahu Akbar.'” These divergent stories alone prove it was a fake and that, once gain, the entire world is being bamboozled, including the supposed Muslim community. Here is a screen-shot from this early report, an example of false witness:

Sure they did. They had nothing better to do than scream the epithet, doing so while gunning down devout Muslims. It makes plenty of sense, doesn’t it?

It is also reported that: Initial reports said there were possibly 3 shooters, which was then restated as two.

See what also is said, here. Hey, it’s the standard. One person had an actual long gun and was spraying worshipers with it. No one can find this plausible under these circumstances:

“It seemed” and “it could be” or “it might be.” It’s more arch-Zionist-controlled spin lines. For the criminal minds who control the media outlets all they can do is spread corruption. That is their nature. Now, ‘Muslim’ groups are participating in these scams, even though their holy book expressedly prohibits deceit and deception. It can be seen that this is clearly staged with the full line-up of hoaxing agents, including a number of media elements:

The media is there, Provincial police are there, and also SWAT. This is standard in arch-scams and terminally corrupt fakes.



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