various commenters #racist

(On an article about Al-Shabaab using "beautiful women" as spies)

(Darth Awesome)
Whoopie Goldberg is a spy?

The article said BEAUTIFUL women !

I'm guessing beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

(Flyover Al in CT)
eye of the beheader

there are many beautiful women in Somalia and Ethiopia.

You means the ones that aren't sitting in the dirt letting their children die from the flies?

(Max Twice)
White and Asian women don't live in Somalia and Ethiopia.

LOL, well, I do like Asian and Mestizo women too. Even some mullattos. Although Id want white children only.
But not attracted to dark skinned black women. Just like how they are typically not attracted to pale white men.

(Barack Obama Sucks)
Its the blue eyes that mestizo women love and are attracted to. Just ask my wife.

Putting lipstick on your goat doesn't make it beautiful

Not my type. And if that sounds "racist" then so be it. Just not attracted to dark skinned Africans (light skinned African Americans yes, such as Tyra Banks for example). But I can understand why Africans would be attracted to dark sinned African women.

(Dakawn Vick)
I also understand why they're obsessed with white women. Maybe Al Kebab is hiring progressive liberal white college girl whores? They LOVES "people of colour" and can assuage them some white guilt!

No pics of these "Beautiful Women." You know what they say, "beauty is in the eye of the beholder."

They mean goats.

The larger point here is that Somalia and Al Shabab are just another sad example of stupid slave blacks enslaved and bewitched by vile, wicked and stupid Arab Islam.

They are so stupid and dumb that they couldn't even invent a religion for themselves.

(Roger V)
That is indeed the bottom line - there is no REDEEMING quality to islam - the ONLY chance of redemption for the followers of this despicable cult of islam is to accept the Gospel and Jesus

There's no such thing as a beautiful Somalian. Total fake news.

Actually, seeing every Somalian in the USA on a boat heading home would be quite a beautiful sight.

Luv ur side caption!
White lives DOES matter, or back to cave days!



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