Jefri Sanusi Teguh ??? #fundie

[Comment in response to a poll question: "Do you believe in evolution?"]

Hmm, we should define the meaning of evolution here:
a.) Change from bacteria to bacteria or virus to virus
b.) Change from bacteria to bacteriologist or virus to virologist

I am not against the first definition. However, I am against the second definition.

The first definition is usually called mutation. It is scientific and observable.
The second definition is non-observable and non-scientific as there is no evidence to it.

The key differences:

a.) The first definition: there is no additional information in the genome (in fact, most of the time, it is loss of information in the genome)
b.) The second definition: there is additional information in the genome.

a.) The first definition does not violate second law of thermodynamics.
b.) The second definition violates second law of thermodynamics (how can ordered structure-especially in terms of stereochemistry-such as DNA and enzyme arise from a pool of blind chemicals?)



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