Todd Hart #conspiracy apps.facebook.com

isnt it al gore pushing this global carbon tax . i cant believe anyone with a 9th grade education would believe such bullshit , co2 is NOT poison all plant life need it , all animals exhale it , and to think that we humans can affect the ozone layer and only occupy 21% of the planet is pretty far afetched , this guy is a scam artist waiting to get rich ,.. and now all his scientists are busted , for falsifing all their data search climate gate

Janet Carter #fundie apps.facebook.com

Dr. Hnery Morris III is a brilliant Scientist - he set out to disprove the Bible with Science. He became a believer in God and His Bible. . Science does back up MANY claims in the Bible, including the "flood". Not all believers are mindless sheep.
There is something the intellectual types fail to answer. The most brilliant of all still cannot tell us WHY an atom holds together with two repelling sides - the Proton and the Neutron. Scientists just SKIP this and call it "Nuclear Glue". God says in the Bible - " I hold all things together in my hand and woe to you when I let go ".

Zack Sproles #fundie apps.facebook.com

I watch the real news channel and thats FoxNews! Obama is trying to implement the abortion factor in hospitals to where if you are not going to assist a Dr. in an abortion, then you will lose your job! That is obsured! and it dumbs down the freedom of religion factor in the constitution! He does not defend the constitution nor does he defend the United States of America! He isnt even black! He is mixed!

Jefri Sanusi Teguh ??? #fundie apps.facebook.com

[Comment in response to a poll question: "Do you believe in evolution?"]

Hmm, we should define the meaning of evolution here:
a.) Change from bacteria to bacteria or virus to virus
b.) Change from bacteria to bacteriologist or virus to virologist

I am not against the first definition. However, I am against the second definition.

The first definition is usually called mutation. It is scientific and observable.
The second definition is non-observable and non-scientific as there is no evidence to it.

The key differences:

a.) The first definition: there is no additional information in the genome (in fact, most of the time, it is loss of information in the genome)
b.) The second definition: there is additional information in the genome.

a.) The first definition does not violate second law of thermodynamics.
b.) The second definition violates second law of thermodynamics (how can ordered structure-especially in terms of stereochemistry-such as DNA and enzyme arise from a pool of blind chemicals?)

Brian #fundie apps.facebook.com

Hey james ..... it is obvious you don't feel that this country was founded on the belief in god. well I feel sorry for you; but Becky was right. this country was founded explicictly for that reason; the founding fathers and the settlers themselves were seeking a new country to escape religous persecution that was going on all over europe. Y ou could do yourself some good by sitting back and examining America today; as opposed to just fifty years ago, people then were looking to find that missing something in thier lives, today society just covers it up with all kinds of things of the world and doesn't want to have anything to do with Jesus our lord and savior; That is why the world including America is getting in worse and worse shape almost on a Daily basis..... Fifty years ago would you have heard of a soldier shooting fellow soldiers? no you wouldn't because there was love for our fellow man then. People don't care for one another like they used to.

Peter Ruchti #fundie apps.facebook.com

Put Christ Back Into Schools

To allow freedom of praying and reading of the Bible in all schools across America.

1. Allow Teaching of and only the Bible by teachers at any time to students anytime.
2. Allowing the Bible (and only the Bible) to be an elective in all schools, and not forced upon.

Education - Elementary and Secondary
We believe every teacher should have the right to teach the Bible at any time.

Please note: To clearify, this group is for teaching of the entire Bible, and only the Bible.

According 1st Amendment of the Constitution of the United States of America, every person has the right to religion. Why is praying/reading of the Bible not allowed in most schools?

Jewell #fundie apps.facebook.com

ALL the students in Christian High School DO NOT beileve in God at all.
I beileve in God because I'm a Christiana. I do beileve that God
SHOULD BE ALLOWED IN ALL KINDS OF SCHOOLS.The reason God is not taught in school is because teachers think that religion will get in the way of school education. You know what? IT SHOULD. RELIGION HAS TO be taught in school, Whether the teachers or other students like it or not.GOD AND EDUCATION SHOULD BE TAUGH IN EVERY SCHOOL.

Melinda Riggs #fundie apps.facebook.com

Abortion is against God's plan for each of us. What if the child being aborted is the one that God created to find the cure for cancer, or diabetes, heart disease or to be the one that leads this country back to the christian foundation that it was founded upon. The Bible is God's word for us and He says that He knows us before we are formed and he formed us in our mother's womb. Conception is not an accident we know that when a man and woman comes to together sometimes a child is conceived but only if God allows it to happen. God holds the keys to life and death and there is only one true God. All the other religions put their faith in a dead prophet but my Redeemer lives and walks with me each and every day. I pray for everyone who does not know him and if you have any questions about my Lord I will be glad to try to answer them. I the mean time I do not intend to try to offend anyone by my position on this subject I am just letting you know what is on my heart. God Bless each of you and may God live in your heart.

Ava Leigh Charlemagne #racist apps.facebook.com

Jesus never intended for any of us to be colored. It was all an accident. The Jews were accidents, too, and the Muslims.

To make it as a black person, you need to act white.

If the US could bleach all the dark-skinned people, we'd make a lot of money.

We should let the sissy homosexuals into our military so that we can get rid of them, just like we did with the blacks.

Italians wished they were as good as the United States.

I'm scared to get on a plane if they let passengers with turbans or head pieces on.

People from India smell like curry.

I get paranoid that every Arab that I meet will bomb my church.

Turbans must stink because of all the sweat.

There are many fucking gay retarded Greek men on this application.

Jesus may not have been white, but he wasn't black either.

White people are better looking to me.

(various opinions)

Ava Leigh Charlemagne #fundie apps.facebook.com

(various opinions)
"Charity should only be reserved for God-fearing folk."
"The great President Bush was elected by God."
"I will deny love if he is not a Christian."
"I don't know how beautiful girls can be such Jesus-hating prostitutes."
"Wicca might be one of the fastest growing religions in the US, but practioners are a bunch of immoral and godless fools."
"It is sometimes necessary to legislate morality."

"If you think that I'm a bigot then you are very confused. I just follow the law of Christ."

Daniel Lehn #fundie apps.facebook.com

[This is the fifth comment in a discussion thread kicked off by reference to Mere Christianity by C.S. Lewis:]

Frankly, I have trouble believing any Atheistic Propaganda writings. I just don't know for sure if they are really telling the truth like it is or simply pushing their agenda to win arguments. Since it's impossible to know if what they're saying about the past is true because of the way history distorts things I conclude that they must be lying for the advancement of their cause.

Chris #fundie apps.facebook.com

If a person doesn't know his God-given purpose he is living an empty existence and has not experienced true life
If u don't know ur God-given purpose you are living an aimless life without direction because u don't why u are on the planet. Ur life will be extremely empty if all you are living for is urself. They say if you aim nowhere you are guaranteed to get there, i.e. nowhere. If anyone believes in Evolution their life has no purpose because according to it "we are all simply one big cosmic accident

Jeff #fundie apps.facebook.com

Same sex couples, whether married or not, will NEVER know what it's like to have the most meaningful relationship: kids.

they cannot even have kids together--people were not made for that reason; those who miscarry and can never have kids should look down upon gay couples who are distressed, thinking they have the same sorrow as heterosexual couples do in their natural hardship of life

Sukanthan #fundie apps.facebook.com

discrimination against women is one of the GOD's plays


god controls us all.so our every movement is god's.so it is wise to say that discrimination against women is one of god's plays.nothing moves without him.he is the cause for us to exist.he is the cause for our rise and he is the cause for our downfall.

Sukanthan #fundie apps.facebook.com

women who remarry after they were widowed are not faithful to their husband.they are just like a bunch of whores.

if the women is faithful to her huband then why must she remarry and have another man in her heart.there cant be two men in a woman's heart.so if such thing happens to a woman then its called prostitution. other than that,divorce cases are happening like wildfire.divorces are minly because the wife cant tolerate towards her husband.life is full of toleration

[The vows are "until death do us part." By definition, death ends a marriage. Your opinion is logically flawed, since faithfulness presupposes a duty, and the duty to be faithful ends when the marriage ends. Death ends a marriage. Therefore, the duty to be faithful ends too.]

helena,you are such a bleedy whore like asshole.you think you know the rules of marriage.what you know is fucking.i think you think like a whore. i think you will agreed to share your husband with another woman.youre such a dirty mindes slug.god got to be sad to create a whore like in the midst of pious women.you grew up in the midst of whores? mind you words before voting me next time!!


hey third world woman,you think i m afraid of the stupid comments of yours.FUCK OFF!!show your breasts elsewhere!you,daughter of a mangy dog,bleedy whore,brest feeder!ypur breasts are damn juicy that you can breastfeed every men in this world!!!

Achraf #fundie apps.facebook.com

Having sex is created first reproduction and second for pleasure. In a homosexual "couple" (if we can say couple), we may satisfy the second perpose but not the first.
How we will continue to exist on this earth if everybody becomes homosexual ???
Despite, homosexuality is not form the man's nature. Can we find other animals having this behavior?
you may compare with dolphins, the only other creatures who have sex for pleasure, but they don't have this behavior
So you are transsexual. That's why I coudn't identify your sex even by zooming through your picture lol. But me you can see clearly that I'm a man, a true one. That's an other adventage for heterosexual ;)
Ok, maybe you used more arguments because you need them to defend yourself but me I'm not really interested of this subject because I'm heter and we can't find any argument against that.
I learned that not being heterosexual is very bad, from my religion and I didn't try to find out why (except those arguments that I gave) because I trust my religion which never lies to me. I think you heared aout Islam.
Maybe if I had time, I'll search for other arguments or you can do it by yourself, but believe me you have chosen the wrong way :(
I fear that it's too late for you to go back :(

Jason #fundie apps.facebook.com

["No, [insert deity here] is not going to punish the California judges who struck down the anti-same-sex marriage law."]

That's where you are wrong. God's laws are not open to interpretation by human judges, and the Bible states quite clearly that the sanctity of marriage must not be mocked or fouled by same-sex relationships. Those judges will face their own judgement when the time comes!

Carl #fundie apps.facebook.com

[If a person of the "wrong" sex hits on you, just take it as a compliment and move on]

No way. I dont mind gays, but its when/if they try it on, when they cross the line. Theres a place for gays, and gays alike, and that place is a gay club where they can do all the booty poppin they desire. I do, however, believe this is different for women as you are constantly commenting on one another, unlike blokes.

[So, what about those who don't like clubs? Are they SOL (shit out of luck)?]

Dont know your gay terminology of "SOL" so please elaborate.

Billy Lewis #fundie apps.facebook.com

[The argument was used that homosexuality is a choice because there are no gay animals. This was then countered by the statement that there are plenty of gay animals.]

"so wat your saying is that we are animals and because animals gay we should be too??? have fun screwing you dog since you must be into that kind of thing which is also a choice beastallity is the way to be in Manchester... Go Paul... There is no link between animals and humans skeletal systems whoopti doo... you need Jesus"

Justin Kesner #fundie apps.facebook.com

alright asshole.. where should i start? dont sit here and tell me about how it should be, acually if ya forgot this country was founded on christianity, i suppose youre for gay marriage, and human rights, and ABORTION? i ought to kick your ass ya kno ya look like someone that knows what their talkin bout.. haha im just fuckin around no ya dont, people dont listen this jackass.. you this little group, that is so damn politically correct, and demand to heard and honestly, i think the people like you fellas are responsible for how chaotic this world is ya suck people in, and ya say.. theres no evidence.. bitchin and moanin.. ya out to start goin to church..