Don Boys #fundie

Let me be very clear: no informed, honest Christian can ever, under any circumstances, accept, approve, or applaud "gay" marriage or any other abnormal behavior. Never, even if there is a loss of income, home, job, or threat of prison! The non-thinkers and bigots will accuse me of bigotry followed by their usual diatribe but that is not an answer. The Homosexual Lobby's policy is if we don't approve them then they accuse and attack our lack of tolerance! Hypocrites!


The Homosexual Lobby has taken control of America with the collusion of the media moguls. Even "Christian" churches, colleges, and conventions have been snookered by the loony left. No one wants to appear unkind, unreasonable, or be unemployed; so, religious leaders have climbed on the bandwagon to perdition with a modern Bible version in their hands and a whining, spurious prayer on their lips.


In recent days we have seen the governors of Indiana and Arkansas show cowardice in face of the Homosexual Lobby. Governor Pence committed political suicide when he cowed to the screaming homosexuals who bullied, badgered, and browbeat him. If he can't stand up to perverts, he sure can't stand up to Putin.


The issue is not sexual rights but the obsessive desire by the Homosexual Lobby to suppress Christians' freedom of religion. Homosexuals will brook no disagreement and in this new America they have more rights than normal, decent people.

Homosexuals want acceptance of their beliefs but refuse Christians the same right. They want to have their cake and eat it too. That can't be done, just as Christians cannot compromise and become an enabler of perversion.



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