Ben #fundie

Bigotry and hatred would, for the most part, be extinct in just a few short generations IF we outlawed religion. Unfortunately this filthy disease has managed to worm its way into the general population and even to the heights of government.

Take arms brothers and sisters.
Unite in our struggle against these criminal retards.
Burn a church, kill a priest, slay the faithful til the streets are swept clean.
For until we exterminate these scumbags and filthmerchants our children, our freedom and our way of life will ALWAYS be at risk!

This young man is just one example of an ever increasing trend towards fundementalism.
He will be hung up on a hook and have his skin removed with toothpicks if I am ever elected grand chieftan of all things commonsense.

These times of 'my imaginary friend has a bigger dick than your imaginary friend' will NEVER end if we stand by and do nothing.

Let us rejoice in the death of religion. Let us warm ourselves by the firelight of churches, SINagogues and mosques. Shout out in joy as to drown out the cries of pain from the religious right.

Fight fire with fire. Destroying fundementalism will take fundementalism of a more extreme nature. Kill the unborn of the religious right and live in a happier healthier tomorrow.



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