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Your argument makes no sense. I have no issue with Jews and I'm in fact very pro-Israel, something that can't be said of most progressives and other leftists.

But I have a problem with fifth columns.

Peaceful Muslims are essentially secular or non-practicing Muslims. That or they're playing the long game, it's really really hard to figure out who is a genuine moderate and who is just a liar because Islamic doctrine allows one to lie to non-believers for both defensive and offensive purposes. Many extremists appeared to be moderate... until they weren't including Nidal Hasan and some ex-CAIR officials (now convicted for funding terrorism). The ideology itself isn't and was never peaceful. Muslims are commanded by the Quran to conquer the world, or as much as of it possible anyway, and make everyone dhimmis.

Even if they are not terrorists, it doesn't mean they won't try to subvert the US by more stealthy means, like becoming politically active (i.e. using democracy to abolish it or at least weaken it bit by bit)

And even if they never ever succeed, (certainly not while people still have some common sense and guns, be thankful for conservatives who still value American culture) they will still cause untold damage just by trying.

No thanks. Let's stop importing un-American ideologies into the US. Freedom doesn't mean nihilistic tolerance.

Name one country on Earth that is majority Muslim and has a functional democracy with a good freedom record. Everywhere this ideology is mainstream there's oppression of women and unbelievers on an unprecedented scale, Turkey included believe it or not and the only reason it's more secular is because it was countered with a secular dictatorship 90 years ago. That influence is waning though.



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