NicholasMarks #fundie

I didn't quite understand that...but here is my interpretation of what I think you said...The happiest mind is the healthiest mind and the healthiest mind is the one where all the air, blood, nutrients and thoughts are gurgling through our minds pathways in a healthy way. The not-so-lucky have all sorts of mental problems, so it is easy for me to say that an open-mind, as delivered by Biblical teaching, and especially Jesus Christ, is a way of recovering from a multifaceted problem that is creating havoc in the whole world today and for which there is a ready cure in the form of the accurate teaching of Jesus Christ....remember...the Catholic church...the Samaritans. and Sigmund Freud, all harnessed the teaching of Jesus Christ, by way of talking to someone about our problems, when all that is really necessary is talking to Almighty God, via the accurate teaching of Jesus Christ.



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