Brian Peppers #fundie

Been pushing myself to hit the nightlife for the first time in 11 years over the last few weeks and I'm seeing the most ridiculous shit ever.

The average women don't have to do anything remotely pro-active to attract a man and they'll have streams of above average looking guys approach them, and even these good looking guys will intimidate each other to have access to these average girls. These very plain women can demand tall, handsome, lean and fit men at a whim and they'll be at their call. All the hot girls were crowded in or near the VIP area hoping to get a famous footballer, musician or rugby player (this was a Manchester Nighclub). Just lol if your not a celebrity male and think you can get a chance with these hottest women in a club. They literally want a FAMOUS HANDSOME guy, not just some regular good looking guy that works as an electrician. They are off limits, forbidden to 99.8% of men.

The ugliest, obese women who squeeze their 200lbs, 250lbs, 300lbs disgusting shapeless bodies into tight dresses are still able to get dances and hook-ups with non-fat men. Even though some men turn their noses up and walk away from these flirtatious hamplanets, some will accept thats all there gonna get tonight and take them home. Their male equivalents are 2/10 incels and wouldn't even have the option to get sex & intimacy throughout their lives unless they had riches or paid escorts.

It seriously depressed me I'm not going out at night again unless its necessity.



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