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Re: Living with a Stacy roommate


I lived with stacies before and it really does punch you right in the face how different their world is. Ppl always dropping by, enthusiastically volunteering to help them with homework, bringing Starbucks just as a 'I was on my way and got something for you), friends always listening intently to the most boring dribble...I could go on.


I was on my way and got something for you

One thing that always got me puzzeled is how stacies always have people giving them things out of nowhere. My dream is to be given random gifts just because of my beauty (never gonna happen, LOL)


waiting for the day where earth blows up...


"She has. SO. MANY. FRIENDS." This shit.

It just rots you from the inside. When you see how easy it is for attractive people who have been treated as attractive their whole life, and have developed into interesting open people as a result....GOD.

And you can't resent them for their good fortune but it's like seeing someone sprout wings.

It makes you ache from a place of deep bitterness.

I've come to feel others' incredible happiness and possession of things I literally couldn't even imagine in my wildest dreams of friendship or love or success is life mocking me directly, rebuking me.


Yep. Fuck this life tbh. The Hunchback of Notre Dame could be my twin except he’s a man so at least he got people caring about him.



90% of Stacy's have HUGE social circles with minimal effort, it's actually insane. They always know someone or know someone who knows that someone, and those people are happy to help her out. Becky's can also have HUGE social circles and be super well-liked by everyone but it takes a good personality. But Stacy has it effortless.



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